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Aropec Sports Corp. a former supplier to most of famous sport brands is now taking on the world. This means that we will be directly serving the watersport industry with our professional lines of diving, surfing, fishing, swimming and other water sports equipment. Regardless of what products you sell, wetsuits, boots, gloves, waders, bodyboards, surfboards, rash guards, boardshorts, etc, you will be satisfied with our world class quality products and services. Moreover, if you are a distributor we are the very best when it comes to being a solid and reliable supplier. Because AROPEC is one of Taiwan's largest manufacturers and exporters of neoprene products now, we develop and manufacture watersports products for many big names in the industry through O.E.M. and O.D.M. services. There is no doubt that water sports enthusiasts around the world are using and are satisfied with products made by Aropec Sports Corp.

2 in 1 Scissor Knife Manufacturer

2 in 1 Scissor Knife is committed to quality, innovation, and service through our knowledgeable team that is dedicated to exceeding customer expectations. All our products are precisely developed by a creative team of professionals as per contemporary market trends. Aropec Sports Corp. starts to use the automated production process in order to increase the quality and competitiveness of 2 in 1 Scissor Knife in recent years. If you have any questions, want to buy in bulk, or have us give you a quote for a 2 in 1 Scissor Knife to fit your needs, please email us.
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2 in 1 Scissor Knife

2 In 1 knife plus scissor function.
4.3/4" blade length; 10.1/2" overall length.
420 stainless steel construction.
Chromate treatment for rust-resistance.
Patented "Scissor" built into the blade.
Will cut non-metal materials from monofilament to kelp.
Quick-release, locking sheath.
Serrated edge and line cutter.
High quality, depth compensating rubber straps.
Rinse knife with fresh water and completely dry after use.
Occasionally coat blade with silicone spray or oil.
Be careful when prying objacts with knife as the blade can be broken if too much force is applied.
NOTE: DO NOT try to cut metal objects; permanent damage may occ
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Aropec Sports Corp. is a Taiwan-based company, which acts globally via its own offices, representatives and well-developed collaboration with partners. Keeping in mind the importance of clients' time, we make sure that our products are delivered to them within the promised time-period. When our customers purchase our 2 in 1 Scissor Knife, they know they are getting value for their money, with performance, reliability, and quality. If you are not satisfied with our 2 in 1 Scissor Knife or have ordered a wrong item, please let us know. Aropec Sports Corp. will reply to you as soon as possible. We look forward to doing business with you and establishing an ongoing relationship.