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Aropec Sports Corp. a former supplier to most of famous sport brands is now taking on the world. This means that we will be directly serving the watersport industry with our professional lines of diving, surfing, fishing, swimming and other water sports equipment. Regardless of what products you sell, wetsuits, boots, gloves, waders, bodyboards, surfboards, rash guards, boardshorts, etc, you will be satisfied with our world class quality products and services. Moreover, if you are a distributor we are the very best when it comes to being a solid and reliable supplier. Because AROPEC is one of Taiwan's largest manufacturers and exporters of neoprene products now, we develop and manufacture watersports products for many big names in the industry through O.E.M. and O.D.M. services. There is no doubt that water sports enthusiasts around the world are using and are satisfied with products made by Aropec Sports Corp.

Diving BCD Manufacturer | The Best Choice

With our advance research on a day to day needs of the consumer, our products are at the front. We are best in the manufacturing of diving BCD. Our strict inspections and testing have ensured that all our diving BCD achieve a high level of performance even in harsh conditions. We strive to provide the same level of service to our clients as our products enable our clients to provide. This means we will customize orders, negotiate fairly, and it means that we look forward to working with you!
Diving BCD



Internal bladderless BCD, specially for female divers
Front adjustable style
Adjustable cummerbund waistband and shoulder straps
Made from tough 1000 denier Cordura/PU bonded to the inside
Pockets are made from 1680 denier nylon
Independent backpack with soft TPR backpack pad
Integrated quick release safety weight pockets system
With sub-alert power inflator and L/P hose
Size: XS, S, M, L
Buoyancy: XS: 12(26), S: 14(31), M: 16(35), L: 18(40) kgs(lbs)
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In addition to providing the best products possible, Aropec Sports Corp. stands behind their products by providing the best technical support and customer service in the industry. Our diving BCD is fabricated using premium quality materials that are tested for their efficiency and durability. Our company offers a range of diving BCD that is high in quality at affordable prices. Aropec Sports Corp. wants to provide you with a quality product on a timely basis that you can install with confidence. Please do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about our cost-effective package programs and volume pricing.